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True Bromance Film Podcast

Jan 25, 2015

Episode 42

This week we deviate from our usual format so that we have enough time to delve into a film that is tackling a subect that is close to our hearts. We are joined by the "Podcast Pimp" himself, Mr. Mark Hurne, to discuss American Sniper. We also take a little time to talk about the new Paul Thomas Anderson...

Jan 18, 2015

Episode 41

The big event is here! In this episode, we share our best of 2014 lists and we have assembled a great panel of critics to judge our lists. Hermano DaSilva of the First Time Watchers podcast, Shane Conner of the War Machine vs. War Horse podcast, and DJ Valentine of the Simplistic Reviews podcast join us to...

Jan 11, 2015

Episode 40

This week we are joined by Shaun from the No, Totally! podcast to discuss career defining movie roles and career killing movie roles. This topic goes along with a great performance from David Oyelowo, who plays Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the new film Selma.

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Jan 4, 2015

Episode 39

This week we try to get into the mindset that it takes to play high stakes games as we review the new Mark Wahlberg vehicle, The Gambler. In addition to that review, we are joined by our old friend, Jon Mitchell, to discuss the best and worst movie addicts.

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